Sunshine has a long and successful history with our start sprouting from a family car rental business that was founded in 1962. That family business became the roots from which our own ventures have flourished. In 1991, we dropped a seed of a business plan in Florida, and with a little TLC and a lot of sunshine, we grew into what we are today.

Back in 1991, as a germination of our current business, we began renting vehicles through brick and mortar travel agents. At the time, our main clients were tourists around Florida. We decided to begin this business after discovering the exceptional need for top quality, affordable car rental services as frequent vacationers in South Florida. We decided to jump on the opportunity to fill a gap in the rental industry. With just a small staff of 4 people – us included! – we began renting out to tourists and commuters. Our fleet started out with only 65 cars. That was enough – we made a name for ourselves, and began to expand.

We brought the knowledge we had from our family business and applied it to our new venture. We used our skills in proper fleet management to ensure the various fluxes in the economy wouldn’t greatly affect our business. With this comes the knowledge of when to up our fleet, or down fleet. Currently, we have more than 500 vehicles in sizes ranging from SUV to convertibles, vans to sedans. Whether you’re looking for economy or luxury, we’ve got it in the current year model.

Our business really began to thrive, though, with the advent of the internet. With the internet, we were able to directly market to and communicate with our customers. The internet allowed us to have our own voice, said through our own medium – rather than through a travel agent who would speak for us. We were able to control the first impression that our customers or potential customers received from us. And from that, we could have more of a voice in our entire interaction with the public. It was then that we really grew into what we are now.

With that milestone, we developed new strategies to brighten our business, including our affiliate program for independent rental companies. We could also create our own ads for travel sites that would directly market to our clients, without a middleman.

We are proud to say that we have our family’s third generation of car rental experts entering our business. You could say it’s in our blood. Cars, cars, and more cars – that’s what we love. Being around cars, showing others how they can love the cars we have, and providing exceptional service with top quality vehicles.

Perhaps it is this inherent love of cars and the rental community that has turned us into one of the few independent car rental companies that have been able to not only survive against but compete with the major Fortune 500 corporations. It is also perhaps this knowledge of the field that showed us how we could have an impact on helping the other little guys survive. Having always been active in our rental communities on both a local and national scale, we learned the common ground of all independent companies in the struggle against the big guys. Because of this, we founded our affiliate program. Now, we all benefit from bonding together. By creating a community of independent companies, we can market our companies together in an atmosphere of neighbourliness. That’s the Florida rental industry that we truly want to see.